Cs the Day

Cs the Day is a game that gives newcomers and experienced Cs attendees alike a new way to experience the conference! This year’s virtual game will be run differently from past years. By simply exploring the conference site, attending sessions, and engaging in other ways, participants will be awarded points. The top three scorers will receive prize packages – the Grand Prize winner will have their 2022 CCCC Registration paid for (if student) or discounted! You can follow the leaderboard here!

Are you new to CCCC? Sadly, we won’t be able to offer you your first sparklepony this year. Instead, we hope you’ll print off, color, and share this VR Sparklepony™ on Twitter using the #cstheday and #4c21 hashtags!

For all CCCC alumni: please take a pic of your sparkleponies – whether it’s one or an entire herd – and let us know where you’re at! Share your ponies on Twitter using the #cstheday and #4c21 hashtags.

We also have special edition cards featuring newsmakers and the rhetoricians that made an impact over the last year. Also included are instructions for a handful of games that can be played with these new cards.

Thank you for your interest in Cs the Day. We look forward to returning in 2022 and playing in Chicago!

Looking for the original Cs the Day site?