CCCC 2018 news and updates

As most of you know, the Council for Play and Game Studies (CPGS) has decided to cancel our Friday business meeting at CCCC this year in deference to the NAACP travel ban for the state of Missouri. In lieu of the business meeting, we have prepared a series of videos which will be circulated next week.  

Please note that we are still held our Wednesday afternoon workshop (which was a rousing success!). Also, some representatives from the group will also be in attendance throughout the rest of the conference to answer questions. Look for the CPGS meeple sticker on name tags to identify members and officers, or follow us on social media.

We have several other items of interest to pass along as well:

  • Membership update: Please be sure to visit our membership web form to update your information for our roster and to help us better serve you.
  • Play and Game Studies sessions: We have compiled a list of sessions and events that may be of interest to our members. If you are attending on the ground, we encourage you to attend and live-tweet the session. For those of you at a distance, you can follow a session on Twitter by using the session number as a hashtag along with the conference hashtag (for example, #AW01 #4c18).
  • Conference volunteer opportunities: If you are attending on the ground in Kansas City, there are a number of ways you can get involved.
    • C’s the Day: C’s the Day, the official game of our beloved conference, is looking for volunteers to staff the table again this year. Sign up here to volunteer.
    • Games Lounge: We will be running a Games Lounge again this year, and we need folks to host games in that space. If you’d like to bring your own game to share, that would be great, and if you need ideas, we have a bunch of options that have been donated by game publishers. Sign up to run a game here.
    • Welcoming Companions Project: The conference is starting a new project this year designed to “contribute to a safer and more supportive C’s experience by helping convention-goers connect with companions traveling to and from the Convention and related activities.” To find out more information or to volunteer to help, visit their “Call for Volunteers.”
  • Position nominations: This year, we have four open positions on the executive committee for the Council. Position descriptions can be viewed in our group charter. To nominate yourself or someone else, email the person’s name and contact information to by Sunday, 3/18. Elections will be held following this year’s Cs, and positions will take effect the day the 2019 CFP is due. This year, the available positions are:
    • Assistant Chair (three-year position that progresses to Associate Chair in year 2 and then to Chair in year 3)
    • Membership Coordinator (two-year position)
    • Publicity Chair (two-year position)
    • Graduate Student Representative (one-year position)

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.


Danielle Roach
Chair, Council for Play and Game Studies at CCCC


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